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Head Pulley

For iron ore processor,sand making,coal,concrete,construction waste .

Head  Pulley



Head Pulley is a pulley, which is installed in the derrick, and as a support for the mine hoist. Head pulley groove is equipped with a plastic lining or plastic block for increasing the service life of wire rope. There are three types of head pulley. The magnetic head pulley is the most popular head pulley.


• Light and rigid frame construction

• Sealing arrangement consist of a double seal

• Additional water proofing neoprene contact lip seal

• Low friction coefficient, waterproof, effective sealing system

• High accurate steel pipes ensure the rollers with low vibration and noise

• Multi-labyrinth seals achieve waterproof and dust proof

• Adopting good bearing make sure the lifetime, stable running and good quality

• Excellent lubricating property

Magnetic Conveyor Head Pulley

A magnetic conveyor head pulley is just what it sounds like it is. That is; A magnetized pulley used on the drive end of a conveyor belt. These would be employed where other types of magnets would not apply. Like in a belt conveyor where there is no room for some other device like an overhead magnet.

As the material pours off of the end of a conveyor with a magnetic head pulley, the ferrous contaminates cling to the belt, going underneath the conveyor until they are past the pulley where they drop safely out of the material stream.

Magnetic head pulleys would not be incorporated into chain driven conveyors usually, be we do have a permanent magnetic drum option for our TKF Scraping Conveyors. This is a picture of that system. This is a driven – self cleaning magnetic drum that attracts the contaminates as they drop from above it out of the TKF Chute. These metals are with a wiper and sent down a chute, safely out of the material stream. This special magnet can actually clean stainless steel (a nonferrous metal) as well, as long as it’s been nicked or cut!

Feature  Of  Head  Pulley:

1.Maximise Recovery of Ferrous Metals: High performance magnet design to suit your application (ferrite, rare earth or electro magnets) to provide the most effective method of metal recovery.

2.Minimise Maintenance: Heavy-duty construction with no moving parts provides a unit with almost no maintenance requirement. Permanent magnet pulleys are built using high intensity non-deteriorating material, so not only is no power required to the magnet, but it will also provide maximum magnetic force for the lifetime of the machine.

3.Optimise Throughput: Deep field magnet systems penetrate through the product burden and remove the maximum amount of ferrous metal. This allows for a higher throughput of material to be separated efficiently.

4.Built to Match Your Exact Size Requirements: The SME Head Pulley can be built to match your exact size requirements. It can usually replace your existing head pulley with no structural modifications.

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