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Hematite Processing Plant

The mine operation including crushing, screening, stockyard blending, recrushing

ore processing plant

Mines hematite ore processed hard rock, ore to be ground to -200 mesh 80% g / t, dubbed in 20% of the solution, adding the second paragraph of the grinding machine, utilizing the method of re-election of iron ore, the primary For sorting the weak magnetic hematite and coarse tailings discarded by the re-election to restore geological taste, taste, medium to obtain coarse-grained concentrate, or further processing.

Magnetite-hematite ore dressing methods

1 single magnetite

Mainly hematite – magnetite and magnetite ore – siderite ore. Sorting techniques such ores with weak magnetic re-election, flotation, high intensity magnetic separation joint, which utilizes a weak magnetic magnetite recovery with re-election, flotation recovery of weak or powerful magnetic magnetic iron minerals magnetic roasting and magnetic separation or other techniques of parallel processes, with a single weak magnetic iron ore magnetic roasting comparable, but in the magnetic mineral roasting and magnetic separation techniques in parallel with other processes, the powder ore is utilized in weak magnetic combined with other methods selective flocculation de-sludge method.

2 multi-metal-containing magnetite

Such ores are primarily: sulphide ore and phosphorus, sulfur, or rare-earth iron ore. Such iron ore beneficiation is the most complex, the general weak magnetic separation combined with other techniques of procedure, which uses a weak magnetic recovery of magnetite; re-election, flotation recovery of weak or powerful magnetic magnetic iron minerals and elements associated with the flotation recovery.

Magnetite-hematite ore crushing and grinding methods

As the distinction of mining technique and ore concentrator production capacity of transport conditions, blocks sent towards the processing of the ore dressing plant are also different degrees, like open-pit mining ore, bulk 1000 to 1500 mm; underground mining of ore, bulk of 300 to 600 mm. Under the current technical conditions and equipment efficiency, wishing such a crush big pieces of ore to the required size sorting is difficult. Industrial production within the mineral phases is breaking grinding stages. First to make use of big pieces of ore crushing machinery will break or a couple of millimeters to a couple of millimeters, then the use of grinding machines to grind the ore to the needed size sorting.

Currently utilized in production of mineral crusher crushing ratio is very small, usually three to 5. So crushing operations are divided into coarse pieces, broken and fragmented in 3 sections, whilst the grinding operation is usually divided into a (coarse) and Sec (finely ground), when extremely small particle size required there are three sections of coarse and fine grinding or re-grinding.

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